Freelancer Report July

This post is coming really late for this month, but as I mention in the relocated post , I been busy before end of July  and for the past 2 week of Aug, I been busy to get use to the new life at the new place, today finally I manage to squeeze out some time and typing this post on my new Macbook air.

July is really a short month for me, I m doing lots of work on the first 3 week, because I know I m going to busy with the moving in the last week, I completed 2 small project and playing with some server stuff, too bad didn’t have time to kick-start some Ruby on Rails training.

Income – $4.4k for this month, this is one of the highest Income of the month, but more than 70% is combination of some late payment of an old project and some early payment of some final-stage project ( which might still have changes ) , personally I consider these are not really a “healthy income” which I hope to fixed when my product release.

Project – I have built a feature for a startup, modify a CMS for clients and build herbr2.0 on FuelCMS. During the process of building Herbr2.0 , I have built another small module which I should open source it soon. Other than this I have working on a new deploy script, which allow me to build LEMP ( Linux Nginx Mysql PHP) VPS fast, this is a modification from what I getting from VPS Bible, which suitable for the new Ubuntu server. I also trying to come out a version for Amazon AWS EC2 , since some of the server setting is different on EC2 ubuntu server.

Learn – Doing lots of server stuff this month , learning the new Ubuntu Server 11.04 Natty, Nginx 1.0, PHP-FPM and  Munin Monitor on Nginx etc, I learn the basic configuration, but still finding way to fine tune the server.

Startup – I have decided one major idea, will be kick-start the implementation this month with the learning on titanium, the server-side still planning shall i build it with PHP or learn and build it with Rails at the same time. Other then this major idea, might be hosting a WordPress MU on cloud which target to SG and MY market.

Trying to balance between main income and own project this month.

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