Freelancer Report September

I thought I will be on time to blog this month, but I sleep early last night for the late night Apple event , that’s why I didn’t manage to ready the post on 4th Sep, hopefully next month will be back on track again.

So what happen on September ? Finally the fix line internet was setup this month , although is a very limited 1mbps ADSL , but at least now I m able to do a lot more. I m busy for my bro wedding on the last week of Sep and first week of Oct,  but I still manage to complete some of the personal project and some freelance work , hopefully starting from Oct, I can really focus on my product development.

Income – It’s about $2.3k for September , just like last month some of the work done and haven’t got the payment , I believe average $2k per month is kind of  ramen profitable for me, I would rather put the rest time into building product rather than find new customer.

Project – I have done a few tiny project , rebuild my WordPress multisite network and move some of the stand alone WordPress site on it. I have built a new version of stack script too which setup everything on a VPS. I bought the new release JP Linode and migrate everything from Fremont. I have configure this blog to use CDN and w3ctotal in term to understand more about caching and CDN.

Learn – I would say now I m start to learn how to tuning a VPS, I guess building the stack script actually help, tweaking between a Linode VPS and Amazon AWS improve my Linux knowledge too.

Startup – Reorganize and re-planning my resources and ideas, Currently there is 1 project I intend to build and 2 more with 2 different friend, hopefully I can do some proper time management. Other than this I think need to start marketing a bit the WordPress Mu site that I build to provide some hosted WordPress service to user. I have bought a name card template this month too , hopefully my name card will be ready next month.

It’s really fast then 3 more month leave for 2011, I really need to work hard to get my own product release before end of this year.

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