Rework Labs Report February 2015

February is really short for me , not only is a short month  and because of celebration of Lunar New Year, I decide to take a week break ( didn’t enjoy it last year because of our new-born baby ) to enjoy.  So I been rushing for tons of work just to make sure I can go off for a week.

I have 6 internal goal to be done in Feb and I think I really over-estimate myself and under-estimate the time required for each task, I only manage to complete 1 goal which is get everything in place & trackable by my partner.The remaining goal should be distributed to the next few month since March will be another short month for me.

Some other things that I try on February.

  • Working with some Kenya’s based payment gateway.
  • Cancel my Fastmail account since is under utilised.
  • Bought 2 sg domain for 2 projects during some sg domain promo.
  • Decided my initial pricing plan for one of my project SP.
  • First time setup amazon CDN, with the pull feature , it is really fast to set up.
  • Beta test Orion from managewp , most likely it going to be the backend for project SP.
  • Bought the new version of Designing Web Application

I m still trying hard to maintain work life balance, but seem like the first 3 month going to have too many relax time, so I need to work extreme hard during working time.

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