Freelance Report Oct 2013

After the busy September , something happen in Oct hit me hard , it didn’t bring me down, but it does suddenly break me from my workaholic weeks.

On the bright side Oct was a good month,  finally some of the payment which drag for some time flow in, just in time before I having problem on my cash flow, lesson learn that you have to watch your cash flow closely and do expect the payment will be extreme late some time.

So what happen on Oct ?

Freelance  – Continue on the L4 based CMS front end, completed a Micro site plugin for WordPress for a client, completed one of L3 based project that last for nearly 1 year.

Enquiry & Deal – 2 enquiry and another deal confirm is a WordPress project.

Learn – reading a lot on L4 , but to be honest I can’t really understand some of the concept , it seem like I really need to improve my PHP on the large architecture site so that I can understand better.

it seem like Oct is a bit dull , but thanks for the little one is coming soon, overall I m still in quite a good mood.

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