What I getting on Black Friday as a freelance developer

Black Friday is not just about retail shopping , it means a lot to freelance developer like me also , for example there might be applications , services , tools that you been wanted to get to improve your work but was turn down by the price tag , you might have a good chance to strike a deal during the whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday period.

I spend quite a bit of money on this Black Friday, because as I always say as a solo freelancer , you don’t just keep all your income , you need to reinvest on yourself , getting self-improvement , buying product that speed up your process, getting service that save your time, so What am I getting ?

Mac Applications – mac are still developer’s best friend

  • Kaleidoscope – one of the Mac application I been wanted to buy , I miss out the promo for a few time , but most of the time is only like 10% to 30% discount , I bought it for 50% discount this round , it help me to reduce my workload for merging the code with my sub contractor.
  • Dash – application that saving all kind of tech documentation , allow you to view the documentation offline and manage your own snippet , getting 50% discount too.

WordPress – more than 60% of my business dealing with WordPress

  • Plugins from Woothemes – 40% discount – I have at least 3 Woocommerce project upcoming.
  • Plugins from Infinite WP – 30% discount – This related to an internal project.
  • WPMU Dev membership – 65% discount – This come in very last min, I thought of not renewing the membership this year , but they have quite a few plugins which I need it for my next project , so I just renew it !

Education – the more you work the more you find out you need to learn

  • Code School  – 60% discount , bought a 6 month pass.

Free – these are free deal that you should found it from twitter sphere

That’s all , remember you yourself are the biggest asset of your own company, invest  and improve yourself.

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