Freelance Report Nov 2013

Another late post , as usual tons of work after a short break and lots of things has happen, November really one of the happening month.

What happen this month ?

Freelance – Continue on the L4 based CMS , working out a WordPress project and a static site project

Enquiry & Deal – 4 enquiry and only 1 is confirm which is the static site project.

Business – One of the client break the contract, cancel the project just about to launch , the middle man is disappear without pick up the call , I guess some people really doing business in the weird way, lucky I have taken 50% deposit up front, not losing that much in this project, take it as lesson. Helping out another client for some last-minute job, due to some communication problem , wasted quite a bit of resources, slightly over budget. Beside this having a reliable partner is really important.

Learn – tons of JavaScript, CSS tips, responsive design and mobile web design knowledge, beside this I was trying my best to watch the video from Laracast to boost up my Laravel knowledge, since quite a few upcoming project going to use it.

So far projects is queue up all the way to Jan 2014 , but I got some family’s thing to handle on Jan, this is going to be really challenge.


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