Another Laravel project upgraded

I m kind of slack during the weekend because of one of the major project ( Project HS ) has launched.

You can’t tell the different from the surface because no UI changes have been done, the major things has been changing is the framework and the backend process. I have just upgraded another Laravel 4 project o Laravel 5.1.

If Project HS is one of my biggest achievement last year in my freelance career; rebuild it into Laravel 5 will be my most significant accomplishment this year so far.

Two more interesting projects are upcoming, and I wonder will it make the different.

I thanks for my client patient and co-operate to let me have the time to rebuild it.It might be no different for them since the interface still the same. The only major different for them will be no longer need to wait for the email sending job done since it has been taking over by Queue job.

The whole project took me around one month plus, and 80% of the code has been changed, now the code based is more organize and it utilize lots of Laravel 5 feature. I didn’t take the shortcut just to upgrade it from Laravel 4 with just changing some of the configs.

I create a new Laravel 5 project and migrate everything from the old Laravel 4 project.Doing this way is going to spend lots more time but from my opinion it is totally worth it, at least the project moving forward to the later version won’t have many problems.

  • I able to rearrange all my CSS, image assets and minify through gulp.
  • I split the backend and front end logic into a different group of classes.
  • Lots of setting now can be directly injected into templates.
  • Anything that was going to take out times to process sends to Queue ( sending email, resize images ).
  • Any job that will be having a similar process for a different context will be using the command bus ( log user action etc.).
  • Using Event to refresh the cache.
  • Cut off of lots of underutilizing repository.

The only thing I wish to add is the automated testing. I hope I will be working on it at the later part. I m still very new on this, but understand it seems like easier to do testing on Laravel 5.1. By completed this rebuild, I consider I have reached one of the biggest milestone for Rework Labs this year.

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