Rework Labs Report July 2015

The past few day was terrible to me, I feel like depression or maybe burn out, don’t feel like doing any work and keep feeling tired over anything.

It happens to me often after completed some big project, it’s like I have used up all my energy and everything blow up. Sometimes I do suspect is that due to working lonely at home? Or is that due to overwork ( I do work seven days a week )?

I do feel better now after the new month started; there is more work ahead, and I really can’t stay in this depression mode anymore.

So what I did last month?

  • Project XM launch the first stage, but I don’t like it, so I planning to rebuild it. You really can’t rush development it will just come back and bite you.
  • Project HS finally launch with Laravel 5.1. As usual it has some hiccup once it launch, but it has been stable now.
  • Fixed 2 hacked WordPress site and managed to convert into a maintenance contract.
  • Confirm one more major deal.
  • Working on the initial part of SupportPress.

One of a major deal that I confirmed last month has helped me to hit my sales target this year. It still need a few month to complete all these work on hand, but at least I can put more focus on my side project and products. I mention about my side project ideas last month and how I started with the logo design with Tailor Brands. I planned to launch last month, but I failed, I hope it can be launch within the next 2 week.


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