Meat! Git for developer

I got the invite to try out Meat! few day ago, it was a Git hosting for developer, something like Github but with nice deploy options. I think should be more like Beanstalk‘s competitor.

Meat! come with 2 version, the self-hosted version that you can download and host it yourself or the cloud version that they host it for you. The self-hosted version is free, but you may pay for the premium support.While the cloud version is free for three projects, the premium plan will be $3 per project.

I tested with some of my existing app, the only word to conclude my experience is fast. I test push one of my projects; it was done within a minute. I browse around the interface and like it, the interface is beautiful and loading very fast.

Meat Activity

when you view a single commit, an excellent code editor with the difference is display.
Meat Commit Detail

One of the major selling points is the release option, included SFTP.
Meat Release


One of the scenario that Meat! are suitable, if you have a project that need git hosting but can only deploy through FTP or SFTP.

The self-hosted version is attractive, but the server spec requirement is pretty high, it need 8GB to run, I guess user might prefer Gitlabs if looking for self-hosted git hosting.

The cloud version is priced at $3 per repository which again sounds like not competitive enough, for example, Github is charging $12 for 10 repositories for personal and $25 for 10 repositories for Organization. Beanstalk is charging $15 for 10 repositories as well.

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