Rework Labs Report April 2016

I just realise 1/3 of the year has over; that was fast.  It seems like I have done a lot for the past four months, but in fact, I don’t see any result yet.

So what happen in April?

Freelance – I been working on the final part of 2 projects and didn’t manage to start a new project in April, delay it to May.

Enquiry – 2 major enquiry from the existing customer, hopefully, can close the deal.

Learn – I been looking into Nodejs , Vuejs and the new product from Laravel – Laravel Spark.

Products – I have built a prototype for one of my ideas, but still struggle how to expand it. I have spending time doing research on bots also and prepare to create prototype for my first bot. I think it might be the next big thing and trying to chat with friends about it to brainstorm more ideas.

Internal – I been busy to replace the transactional email services from Mandrill to Mailgun and replace Github with my Gitlab setup.\

May will be busy for me as well, pack with work, settle the new house, small trip and building of the new product. Hopefully, I can work it out.

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