Github new pricing is good for personal account only

Github just announces the new pricing, after I did all the migration last month. Since the new pricing is cheaper than a VPS ( $10 ) and no longer limit how many private repos you have to the personal account, most likely I will be moving back to Github.

Github new pricing does win over the indie developer, but the changes on the Organizations seat is going to chase a lot of users away. The new pricing for Organizations are only good for the small team  ( 5 users and below ), if your team is more than five users, you need to pay more for this price change.

This new pricing changes also affected some of the interesting Github usages for example

  1. The company that selling package/software by allow paid user to access the private repo.
  2. User that beta their software for beta tester to access the private repo.
  3. Bot accounts that hook into repo to provide enhancement.
  4. Tech book owner that provide private repo ( code sample etc. ) for their reader.

It seems like whoever decide the pricing changes lost touch with how people are using Github or simply just ignore it and want to earn more money. What’s Github next step ? will it make some modifications on this new pricing changes? Or just push all these users to Gitlab?

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