5 reasons why I didn’t renew my Flickr pro

My flickr pro account just expired today and nope i m not going to renew it.

  1. I blog about the issue i have last year , until today they still not allow user to change web address.
  2. I don’t like M$ and it seem like M$ might still buying Yahoo. I think lots of people might leave flickr if M$ really take over Yahoo.
  3. Flickr Founder leave Yahoo. I can sense that no more interesting thing will be appear on flickr.
  4. Yahoo layoff cut into flickr staff. This might affect the standard of support ?
  5. My flickr pro account is really underutilize.


my original intention for getting a flickr pro account is not mainly for keeping photos, i m thinking to develop something to make use of flickr API or make use of flickr to host my blog image, but after 1 year , what i put in there is just some travel photo only. Seriously there are lots of blog post mention about flickr alternative but so far none of them can compare to flickr i think, i wonder what will happen to flickr if Google is the one bought them ?

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