Don’t Give Up Vista

Yeah , Don’t Give Up Vista , i was laughing non-stop in office just now when i saw this ads.

First i saw this ads on youtube , i just feel oh another mac & pc ads, which is a bit funny when pc having problem with the remote control for the light signs, then after i saw it mention again in digg.

I was wondering how come this ads getting so much respond ? after checking on digg, i found out that this ads is actually show on CNET Windows Vista Page , i was like WOW ! on windows vista product , you have a mac switcher ads ! i must say this is really a creative idea.

How important is this CNET Windows Vista Page ? type in windows vista in google , this is 4th results that returns, other then wikipedia , this is 2nd site which are not from m$ in the results that return. I believe this should cost a bomb, but really a nice shot.

By the tim i blog about this , seem like CNET took down the ads already , i can’t really see it now, but as usual google is good friend

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