Mac applications promo

I just find out there are 2 mac applications promo currently running , if you are mac user, these promo should be quite useful for you.


First panic is having 50% for Coda, Transmit , Candybar and Unison, i think the highlight and most value worth should be Coda (USD $49.50) – an all in one web development application that include ftp, editor,svn , css edit and etc ,  another highlight should be  Transmit (USD$14.50) – a wonderful FTP application, it even support amazon S3.


Mu promo also launch their spring bundle for (USD $49.50) which consist of USD$500+ worth of applications. The highlight seem like Parellel Desktop 4 (USD$79.99 original price) and TechTool Pro 5(USD$98 original price), other then this 2 major i think Circus Ponies Notebook 3, MoneyWell , paperless and better zip seem like not bad too.

enjoy these bundle, i m going to trial coda now and see does it worth to buy or not.

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