Mac App to Saas

AgileBits launch family plan few day ago after they launch the 1password for team last year, this seems like another variant from their team plan, the next one might be 1password for friends?

I can see a successful Mac App on the way convert into saas business and it seem like getting more Mac App are doing that, for example, the recently Day One 2 release, they skip the dropbox and iClound sync and launch their own sync, this perfectly shows that they are on way converting into saas business. Ultimately the app will be free as part of the service and charging you a recurring monthly fee for your usage.

On one side We are happy that at least these company found a new way to convert their business, on the other side we are worry, what if one day when all the apps have to be saas based?

One of the main problem, why all these Mac App Companies evolved, is there is no way to charge an upgrade in Mac App store, so each new release you either release for free or charge as a new app. When you release for free, how are you going to feed the family? when you charge as new app, tons of users will make noise on the World Wide Web, saying that they paid before and don’t understand why they need to pay again.

I guess this explain why all the mac apps are trying to do their  own sync since the infrastructure is so much cheaper nowadays, a recurring revenue for sure is better then once off app purchase. For 1password case, they can actually benefit for both, they can sell to users who want to own the apps and users who prefer paying subscription based, both strike!


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