Dual Boot

While i start typing about this , my ubuntu pc is still running update, it’s few hour already and i think there is local mirror for ubuntu, how come update these package takes forever ?

so what i been doing for whole day ? configure my macbook pro and my pc, dual boot for my pc will be windows and ubuntu  , dual boot for my macbook pro will be mac os and windows.

For the macbook pro, by using the boot camp utility, is quite simple to setup and allow windows to run on it, it only take a bit longer time because it need to download the latest security patch from m$ site. So far the windows on macbook pro seem perfectly ok, oh in case why i need windows on mac is for gaming , yeah  i still play some game that require nice 3D effect, hellgate london will be the next.

For my pc it take up quite some time, i reinstall the windows first , which is quite simple,as for the ubuntu part, first i try on wubi , it run perfectly fun but seem a bit slow and i m thinking to have a real proper linux system is better, so i remove it and reinstall. Since i have the Ubuntu 6 CD and i did this few time before, the whole reinstallation done within hour. Now i facing another issue, the download speed issue, to upgrade from ubuntu 6 to 7, it seem like going to take 20 + hour, so i rather download the Ubuntu 7 and reinstall again.

so now finished off install ubuntu 7 and waiting the update to be complete, a important reason of dual boot is to minimize my windows usage, one of my resolution for this year is to be more geek ( less windows n more linux + mac ).

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