Free Mind mapping application for mac

There are so far 3 free mind mapping application that i know is able to run on Mac.

  • Freemind – one of the famous open source mind mapping application that is free, it support multi platform include windows, linux and mac.
  • MindNode – a mind mapping application that only run on Mac , there are free edition and pro edition which are around USD $15 only.
  • XMind – a new comer of free mind mapping application market, it seem like they are changing business plan, from commercial application moving to open source application.

Mind mapping is one of the skill i been trying to learn, but yet to manage, i just hope these application can help me enjoy and understand more about mind mapping.

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  • Frank

    Wow, you’ve missed just about all of them. The biggest player (and by far the best) on the Mac is NovaMind – followed by Mind Manager (relatively new to the Mac), then iMindMap – all three of these are better (and more popular) than the ones that you have mentioned. There are a bunch of others too, but these are the big three.

  • Knight

    Hi Frank,

    i have updated the post, what i try to say is “Free” mind map application on mac, thanks for some of the recommendation.

  • ramster

    There is one more, and this is by far the best than all those 3, but not “free” hehe. Try Curio.