I just spend my weekend with Lich King

Yeah, Wrath of the Lich King release in singapore on friday, my brother queue for 2 hour in order to get the game and we kick start the new content on friday night.

So far the new content have some interesting factor, althought leveling is quite a boring process, that’s why i taking my time to play the game, so far only level 72  for now compare to some other ppl spend whole night didn’t sleep just to get on level 80.

I found this site – WOW Detox before the expansion launch , it seem like there are a lot of people addicted on wow until losing everything and glad that some of the people manage to quit it and moving to a better life. This act as a reminder to myself don’t get addicted please.

Anyway sharing one of the first scene in the expansion that impress me – the flying carpet


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