AppShopper – a great site for app store lover

If you have a iphone/ipod touch and like to browse around app store but hate the way how app store organize, you will like this site – AppShopper

So why i recommend this site ? i would say this site have 2 major point to attaract you, first you can browse the application by type , be it Paid application or Free application, currently this feature is not longer available in app store, you can’t browser through free application only. The other killer feature is , it allow you to keep track application that having “price changes” feature.

How often you miss out some app store promotion ? some expensive application might be under promotion, some paid application might be free for limited time, with keep track the “price changes” feature combine with the application type filter ( Paid or Free ) , you wouldn’t miss out all these promotion any more.

take a look paid application that become free after price change, there might be some application that suit your need.


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