Buy mac apps to help Haiti

It seem like mac application community or shall i say indie developer seem like always will kick-start activity like this, which give one particular day of sales for charity, their latest project will be Indie Relief . All the applications which listed on Indie Relief will give their sales on 20 Jan 2010 to Haiti. If you been eyeing some of the mac applications that listed here , now is time for you to grab it. Not only you will get your favourite software , you are contributed to people who need help in Haiti.

Although I can’t recognise  all the applications , but i saw some of the famous applications on Indie Relief which includes  Flow, Instapaper , Mars Edit2 , Pukka etc, the famous twitter application on iPhone – Tweetie is on the list too.

There are another mac application sales for Haiti too at  Mac Bundle Box too , which they offer 6 application for $29 and 10%  donated to Haiti.

Update 26/1/2010 : it seem like the event is a huge success, total amount donated $143872, take a look companies and developers who donated.

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