Second Day In Taiwan

As usual after morning finish my blog and photo arrange, i follow my friend go out for breakfast, this morning we eat rou wan (肉丸) and yun tun (雲�) , taiwan really got a lot of nice food..

after the breakfast we went to buy bubble tea, bubble tea its very cheap in taiwan, you can get it by SGD$1 … big cup some more.

finished the drink and we went to MRT station, today going to xi men ding (西門町), its easier to take public transport to this kind of shopping area. the mrt is not much different with the singapore and kuala lumpur mrt.

when we reach XMD, we walk around the shopping center, then base on my request, my friend bring me to the Cheng Pin Book Shop, so many chinese book, lots of title i wish to buy but can’t find in msia or sg… at the end i spending around 2++ hour and around S$150 …. i wonder how am i going to bring back all these book.

after the bookshop we went to a sushi shop for lunch, its not much different with the sushi shop in msia and sg but not that much variety.

dinner time i went dinner with all the Taiwan MIS people, nothing special just normal plasta, but heard that this shop very famous, and it have long queue when we are there. after the so so dinner, i just go home warcraft again ..

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