Day 3 & 4 in Taiwan

Day 3 my friend bring me to jiu fen (ä¹?份), its took about 2 hour journey from taipei city, it is some place after ji long (基隆), other then the normal nice view, there is one street then have a lot of shop btw the street, i bought a lot of sourvinor there, and lots of local food, have to bring some back to office, have to bring some back home and need to bring some to office.. sigh…

after jiu fen, at first planning to go some other place, but we miss the way and at the end we go to 和平島, see some sea side view ….. the weather is hot, its quite strange because now is autum in taiwan.

so around evening we went back, i went with my colleague to disco during nite time, is nothing much different with sg or msia disco, the only diff is the alcohol here more expensive …

Day 4 is my one man show, my friend with his family going to shopping, so i go the famous computer shop ( something like sim lim square in sg) in taipei, jin he guan chang (金河廣場), basiclly is a 2 level building, first level is all book and vcd , second level is all computer shop.

after th jin he, i went around the city for whole day, take pic here and there, and try the cyber cafe, the cyber cafe charge is NT48 per hour, then you can drink unlimited, see the comics, play game and online…

around night time, i went to the shi lin ye shi (士林夜市), so many food here., its a food heave, but because i dun noe the way, my fren tell me afterward there is some thing to buy other then food only.

more photo My photoblog

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