Its been long time since my last movie, but last friday i actually been drag by my gal to watch Daisy … i don’t really like korea movie, might be because i don’t have any good experience during my prev korea movie or i just basiclly don’t like hows korea movie work.

But since i saw the trailer of daisy, i been thinking to watch this movie, nope .. not because of JEON JI-HYUN , simply just because the trailer is attract me, whats the story about ? its about a killer, a cop and a female artist story , the artist thought that the cop is the one which she looking for , but actually killer is the one .. so 3 of them started this sad story ..

if you can accept how korea movie work .. this is a worth to watch movie, if you can understand chinese , this blog seem worth to read for this movie.

Daisy 2006

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