Windows Live Messager Beta 8.0.0689

I think most of the beta user should receive the update yesterday , seem like quite a number of new feature added but what i really like is the new color, the first beta color is not so bad, second is totaly cannot make it and now this is the third one

Windows Life Msger Interface

P/S its official relealse already , get it here

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  • TheAngel

    Try to installed before but when I try to sign in as usual…it said that my log in MSN ID is invalid!!!

    So I used back MSN 7.5 instead.

    Hmm, is it that MSN 7.5 & Live Messenger different?

  • Alex

    i’m using it now. got my invitation a awhile back, so it auto updates to this version.
    TheAngel: i think it’s just cooler, heh.

  • phil

    i think live messager is cool

  • Gary Kirk

    i tryed to installlive messager beta AND RECIVED A ERROR CODE 1603?CAN ANYONE HELP

  • gracetan

    i like to try new n update paig….

  • Randi

    okayy.. i have a question.. how do you download the windows live messager BETA. please email me back. thanks.

  • Knight

    as i say its official release already ..