Clean up my google reader feed

How many time you spend on reading feed on google reader everyday? i spend at least 1~2 hour on it and most of the time it takes a few 1~2 hour a day to finish reading all the news. This morning i decided to clean up my feed to make it more productivity.

This is what i have before i start the clean up


So i start clean up by go through feed by feed by tag based

  • there are feed stop update, you can see this by the trends , remove it
  • there are feed you not longer interest , remove it
  • there are feed already change the feed address , update it

one of the main thing that i do it put the similar topic blog example for google , mac or open source on my netvibes, so that i can read when i want to , not under a pressure want to make my google reader unread list become 0, in fact i export out most of the feed to netvibes, those remain in my google reader is either personal blog or some very interesting blog.

after whole morning, i think more then 3 hours and this is the result !


if you ask me is this worth it ? spend so much time to reorganize the feed ? i think this is worth it and it’s a must, i believe this will be optimize my feed reading time, lets see how it goes after next week

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