iflix vs Netflix in Malaysia

Finally, Netflix is launch in Malaysia, I been using iflix for a while, so I guess time to compare this two service as a user in Malaysia. What I want to highlight before going through the comparison, I don’t watch much US drama before so my taste of content might be different.


iflix – RM8 per month, allow five users to view at the same time. Free for unifi user for one year.

Netflix – RM33 per month for the base plan, RM42 for HD content and more than two screens to view, RM51 for HD & Ultra HD and four screens to view.


iflix – These are the shows I have completed or still follow up, and it seem like all can’t be found on Netflix

  • Dr Who
  • Agent of Shield
  • Teen Wolf
  • Big Bang Theory

Netflix – Those dramas done by Netflix should be the hot one but understand from Techinasia comparison post, it seems like lots of good show you can’t find it on Netflix Malaysia.

Viewing Device

iflix – Chromecast, App on iOS and Android but can only play through AirPlay mirror on Apple TV.

Netflix – all the device includes native application on Apple TV.


At this stage, each has their strength and weakness. iflix might need to put in more effort on the tech side, fix the Air Play issue and build an App for the new Apple TV. On the other hand, Netflix needs to release more content to let the user willing to pay the 4x price, currently I doubt I will become a subscriber.

I want to praise the live support from Netflix this morning, spending 2 hours to help me fix the sign up for trial problem. What I think is quite a big issue for international launch ( payment issue ) but kudos to the customer service, they handle it pretty good.

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