Rework Labs Report December 2015

Finally the last monthly report for 2015, so far 2015 has been great for me. December is a short month for me because as usual I will take a short break from Xmas to New Year, so basically I have around 3 week times only.

Other than clearing the work on hand, I spend lots of time planning what should be working on in 2016. What’s should be Rework Labs direction for the next year? How should I move from freelance business to product business? There are lots of question that need to sort it out.

So what happen on December?

Freelance Рready 2 WordPress based site for internal testing, the follow-up should occur in the 2o16, although original my plan is to get it done before the end of 2015.

Enquiry – 2 projects already in talk for 2016.

Business – One of the projects that started on early 2015 with the idea to replicate to 30 plus country has been confirming will take over by another vendor. Not really surprise¬†here, the whole thing should be quite huge don’t think they will just pass it to a freelancer to do it.

That’s pretty much short and sweet; I change this series of posts from “Startup” category to “Freelance”. Althought this series of reports is about my company but what I doing is still pretty much what a freelancer is doing, don’t think using the “Startup” as category make any sense. This help to differentiate with what I am going to do in 2016.

It might not be “Startup”, it should rather be “Product”.

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