Freelancer Report March

I should write about this on 1st of April  , but I think that some people might think that will be an April Fool Post , so I just wait for the next day. But there always something next day , finally I going to finish this post today and I hope that I can process out this post starting of the every month.

I leave my company Feb 2011 , but I guess March is the actual month I start to become full speed for my freelance career, I learn a lot  but I gain a little income for this month , I would say it might not seem like a good start but is not consider a bad one.

Life – So far I love my current  life style, some of my friend think that now I become a freelancer should have plenty of time and  can enjoy the life , but the actual fact is I still wake up 7am most of the day  and I work during weekend too and I consider I work longer hour then my previous job for sure. But I m flexible on my time, I might work until 3pm and take a break/nap and continue the work again after 9pm , everything is control by myself and I love the flexible.

Project – I having one long project , I learn a lot and do a lot but I think it doesn’t really match with the price tag, it does upset me sometime  but I take it as part of the learning process. Original I have a blog shop project and it become missing in action after I send over the quotation. Another new project that I going to start soon seem like more interesting and I going to deal with amazon services.

Income – around S$9xx for March , not a good start , need to work hard on this.

Learning – spending lots of time on Codeigniter and FuelCMS , I m browsing through Nettutplus’s Codeigniter session one by one again , a few more to complete , just to make sure I m familiar with Codeigniter.

Network – start to hang around at Stackoverflow , Forrst ,  FuelCMS discussion board and Github.

Startup –  I have registered my domain, but haven’t setup my site , I will be start as a freelancer and I hope slowly can start release some product.

So what’s next ?

  • Start to build my project, I need other side income other than doing freelance.
  • Contribute to Open Source , I m thinking to release a FuelCMS module.
  • Selling script , I need to tweak up my script and release to script market.
  • Setup my company site and my portfolio
  • Learning something new , WordPress Plugins / Appaccelerator
  • Consume my Ebook and Actual Book.

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