Freelance Report Jan 2012

This is fast, January is end quietly, just when I thought I can still relax a bit , February has started.

Today is the last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I think I have become less excited for this event, but I still treasure it as a time to meetup with family member , relative and friends.

I been busy for a project before and during the CNY , I only take a break after every one going back to work, since I need to rush the work so that my client can present to their customer when they back to work, I guess that’s the freelancer life style.

So what happen on January 2012 ?

Income – $1100 quite little, but I guess Feb should be quite ok.

Freelance – One project only.It seem like December and January is really quiet.

Project – original ideas is to build an iPhone apps for CNY, too bad last-minute I got the freelance work to rush, no time to complete it, maybe can keep it for next year. Thinking to work up the onemap challenge, but seem like really no time for it.

Learn – Titanium Appcelerator , Slim Framework , Photoshop skill to slice images.

Startup – Name card ready, portfolio site updated. I been talking with quite a few clients and so far only one of client official engage my service but I think everything is in the smooth process, the client happy with my work and ok with my charge.This is a good start to increase my client source.

Nothing excited for Jan , but so far I m full with work for Feb, let’s hope Mar will be on the same luck !

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