Blog Stats 2011

I did the same blog stats post last year, this is just a review on how this blog perform in 2011.

I blogged 73 post last year which mean on average 6+ post per month and I think it really still too little, this year I want to at least make it more than 100 post. On the same time I removed around 300++ post which I wrote during 2004 to 2005, most of the posts are short , no value and very little visit base on my Google Analytics.

In term of Google Adsense, it’s been a good year for this blog , the ads revenue is double compared to last year , which still very little but at least it can cover my VPS cost now. Beside the earning , traffic of this blog is getting some improve too, for 2011 this blog visitor increase by 21% and 30% increase for page view.

It’s been 8 years since I start blogging on WordPress, time do flies. For 2012 , I just want to target on breaking through 100 posts.

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