Freelancer Report December

I been busy on one of the project for the past few day , finally meet up with client today and she appreciate the effort that I put in, I think this really encourage me and opportunity for more work.

I normally will clear all my leave during December last time, so I guess this explain why my December productivity is quite low, by right I should have more time to build something but in the end the only goal that I meet is completed the 7 posts to review my whole 2011.

Income – $3800 clearing some of the old debt and mostly are work done on november but around 50% of it go for the insurance payment and I didn’t have much income on November.

Freelance – none , lesson learn.

Project – build up a simple mobile app with jQuery mobile that showing docs that share on FB Group then bring the same idea and build my first iPhone app. Revamp my whole local development . Completed the count down daily post challenge.2 Ebook project and start learning ruby on rails failure.Clean up my twitter & google reader.

Learn – Titanium Appcelerator, finally running a self build app on my iPhone.

Read – reading on Startupbook and Mobile HIG.

Blog – update some of the pages and doing some clean up for 2004 and 2005 post which give me an idea of WordPress plugin.

Startup – finally send in my name card design for printing, halfway of update my rework labs official site, haven’t sort out all the portfolio to put on.

What I really learn is December really is for self-development, so I only have 11 month to work hard, December will be quiet and is time for your own thing.

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