Resolution 2016

I have posted my 2015 review base on my 2015 resolutions; I find that using habits to achieve goal seem like workable. Instead of having a big goal and try to rush to complete at the end of the year, break in down into smaller habits and track it weekly or monthly.

Here are my 2016 resolutions and I m going to track it with Trello.


My 2016 resolutions mainly split into 5 main Goal.

  • Work / Product / Life Balance.
  • Stay Healthy.
  • Build Habits.
  • Build something every month, I didn’t make it last year and going to try again this year.
  • Convert from freelancer to product owner.


It’s quite obvious looks like the enhance version of 2015 resolutions except the last one, which is the most challenging and is tough when you want to maintain the work-life balance. I going to put all effort in this year to make it happen.

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