Resolution 2009

It’s already 5th of feb 2009 , writing a topic like this now seem wierd, but this is one of the major thing in my mind since begining on Jan and i don’t want to skip this.

This year i would like to be slightly different compare to my past year resolutions, just set a bigger goal and see what i have can do under these bigger goal. My major 5 goal

  • Be more healthy – as usual the weight issue , less fast food, more healthy life style.
  • Be more active on my work – generally i still think i got lots of more to improve.
  • Be more active on my web work – i should really work on all my idea, in stead of just keep planning.
  • Focus more on my financial – must be more money mind.
  • Be organize and productivity.

All the best to everyone that trying hard to achieve their dream on 2009.

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