Slicehost score another point

I have try out slicehost for 2 month before and linode is on my list, if i manage to squeeze out some time to get a VPS for some development,  currently both VPS are most of the developer first choice VPS. Here are some of the comparison between this 2 vps hosting provider.

But slicehost just make an announcement yesterday, the new member will be place at Rackspace Dallas datacenter, Woo Hoo! a new choice of datacenter for user ! slicehost make a good strike and score another point.

I will still follow my original plan and give linode a try but i think i will try a slice on the new dallas dc too.

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  • I am on linode and personally think it is value for money so far. And the customer service to reply my problems was fast. Good that you are moving to VPS.

    As regards to point one where slicehost provide better documentation. I will say that the comparision is rather unfair. For documentation, there are 2 parts. First part is to compare the specific admin function documentation of the VPS.

    While second part is to compare general web server administration documentation. Slicehost seems to be stronger in documentation but general web server administration documentation on Slicehost can be used as reference for any VPS administration! Hence for part one, it is Slicehost 1, linode 1. It is a win win for all, as the documentation for general web server adminstration is openly accessible to all.

  • Knight

    Hi Chin Yong,

    thanks for the your opinion, ^_^