Webfaction with SSD hosting now

I talk about Webfaction here before, but they didn’t have many breakthrough changes for the past two years, which is why I seldom talk about them now day. Finally some good news after so long, they just release the new SSD share hosting and SSD cloud server. It’s a bit late in the game, most of the VPS vendor already using SSD but it’s better then never happen.

So how are these new changes affect the current customer?

  • If you are on the annual plan that cost you around $8.50 per month, the new account will cost around $10 per month.
  • What do you get for the $1.50 diff per month?
    • Same 100GB disk space but now is SSD disk space
    • from 512MB ram instance becomes 1Gb instance
    • from 600MB bandwidth to 1TB bandwidth
  • In case you don’t understand what SSD hosting is, you can take a look here. In short “SSD hosting is typically more resistant to physical shock, run more quietly, have lower access time, and less latency.”
  • You can file a support ticket to upgrade, or you can do it yourself, most likely you will get a new IP address since the new SSD hosting will be on the different box.
  • If you were using the higher ram instance from Webfaction during the old day, this new release helps you cut around 50% cost ( the old price for 2GB instance is $40).

Enough of the pro, how about some con part.

  • You still don’t have root or su access.
  • There is no option to adding ram only; you can only upgrade to a higher tier package.
  • For each higher tier upgrade, you need to migrate, there is no option to resize on demand.

What so good about Wefaction?

  • Webfaction has all the typical hosting features with a lightweight control panel
  • Webfaction supports multiple languages includes PHP, Ruby, and Python.
  • Webfaction provides quick installer for many popular scripts.
  • Webfaction provides you shell access.

What users are suitable for to use Webfaction?

  • You just start to learn using the command prompt.
  • You want to use command prompt for some task but don’t wish to manage a server.
  • You just want to focus on development.
  • You just start step into development.

I been using them since 2011 until today I still think they are number 1 in term of “Developer-friendly shared hosting” with the release of new SSD plan, I highly recommend them.

[button color=”#aa6e9d” link=”https://www.webfaction.com/?aid=32392″]Get your webfaction hosting now ![/button]

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