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I just want to start this new category of posts, which going to talk about some of Mac / Web / Dev news happen last week. I take this as training for myself to organize what I am reading daily, pick up the exciting news and added my opinion.

1Password for Team release, I been a big fan on 1Password, it manage almost all my valuable information, sit in every device I have.

It’s a smart move by 1Password team, instead of depending on app sale, they move into SAAS model. Why using this? Imagine in a development shop, you can keep the client hosting login in service like this share with your team without letting them know the password. If you bought some tutorials site and you want to share among your team, this will help too. I use one of the similar services before call Meldium, which been acquired by LogMeIn.

Bugsnag new release too. Bugsnag is one of the best crash monitoring tools for websites. I use it to monitor all my Laravel based site, getting alerted when there is some wrong on the site. The only down site it is expensive for a solo developer, and there is no smaller package cater for that.

Twitter change favorite to heart, and I m still not use to this. I have a habit to favorite all the tweet that I will read it later; now it become I like all these links?

New Apple Tv release, now the new Apple Tv can do more than just streaming, I guess it will be another round of gold rush for the developers. On the side note I just find out when I renew my Apple dev license, now all license has been combined, by using just one license you can build applications for Mac, iOS, and this new Apple TV category.

Plex for Apple Tv release I still remember the old day you need an Apple TV 2 to jailbreak, to run Plex on it so that I can view all the show from my Time Capsule. By this new release, we can now official use the Plex on our TV! Now might be time for the $150 lifetime subscription?

Slack release the improve Slash Command, I have a SAAS idea that I hope to build this year is going to base on this. I m more welcome improvement on this. Imagining you can do almost everything by using the command line in a good design interface.

Imagify by WP Rocket is open for early access; I wonder will it make a huge success like the WP Rocket plugin as well? Sometimes it surprises you that when you think nothing more can be done in WordPress eco and new product just release again.

WP Remote is selling, I remember this is one of the early batches of WordPress maintenance SAAS. I wonder how much will it fetch, it got the potential but might be quite challenging, I think Manage WP’s Orion is one of the best currently.

That’s all for Week 46, I hope you enjoy and found some useful information.


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