Rework Labs Report October 2015

After few month of slack mood, October seems like putting everything back to the track, I don’t feel like want to escape from the reality anymore.

It might be I have taken enough rest ? or because one of the bigger project going live tends to make me focus. No matter what, the past few week I feel quite confident and done lots of things.

So what happen this month?

Freelance – The project XM I been working for the past few month is finally online.  Project XM is the last major project for this year, and I feel relieved after it goes production. I was also dealing with 2 Woocommerce site on daily basis.

Enquiry – Quite a few enquiry incoming in October, it’s easier to nail the deal with existing client, so far new customer mostly tries do compare pricing.

Product – Plan to launch first productize service on hold, hopefully, launch it this month, at the same time preparing for a SAAS.

Others –

  • Dropbox Team is now free for everyone. Finally, you can have 2 Dropbox account running at the same time ( one for personal and one for work )
  • Wootheme introduce certified WooExperts, I m consider to join this if next year the company focus is still on WordPress.
  • Try out the new Asana, don’t like it, I prefer the old one.  I used Asana within a small team last year and I enjoy using it.
  • Stripe – finally getting approval to beta test as Singapore User.
  • Webfaction – my favourite developer share hosting release SSD plan for both share hosting and cloud server and they have SG based server.
  • Orion by ManageWP shipped, I wish they release API soon.
  • SunriseApp is going to shut down by M$. I m sad for this; it is one of the best calendar apps I used. It integrated all kind of services within one calendar. I wonder any alternative out there?

October is quite a good month fo me, except that I didn’t manage to launch the productize service. Hopefully, I can bring the same impact to the remaining two months and end this year with a bang! I only hope that I can at least launch two things to end this year nicely.

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