My View 201548

The series continue for 2015 Week 48. This will be going to talk about some of Mac / Web / Dev news happen last week. These are what I am reading daily, pick up the exciting news and added my opinion.

Infuse & VLC both are release beta app for the new Apple TV, don’t forget Plex is running well on the new Apple TV too. Finally, you can stream media through your Apple TV without jailbreak it.

Google Plus has launched a huge revamp; it seem to targeting on Pinterest rather than Facebook. I give it a try to log in again but quit within 10 min, it seem like is still really tough for Google to understand social?

Instagram has a new platform update that was going to kill off a lot of client app. It going to remove the user feed and popular media this two API end point, my guess is they might want to force some ads in it which can be filtered out by other clients.

Dropbox launch the annotate feature for early access user, it seems like Dropbox has been pushing out some new feature recently. It reminds me to give it a try on Dropbox Paper, I saw some pretty good review on this.

Nitpick CI just launched. It has been mention quite a few Laravel superstar, what I can see is something deal with the PSR-2, will be an excellent tool for Developer that concern about PSR-2.

Foundation 6 launched. It seems like this a vast improvement this round. I m getting bored on Twitter Bootstrap, hopefully, next project can give Foundation a try.

Woothemes’s Storefront turns one, remember one year ago this the first theme that Woothemes release with paid extension, this create a line of products for them. So far WordPress theme market is competitive, I wonder how far can this go. With Woothemes joining Automattic, will the direction changed ?

Layers start to monetize their product by releasing Layers Pro. So far I have tried the Layers theme on some project but not impress. If I want WYSIWYG on WordPress, I will be more prefer BeaveBuilder

The biggest news this week is WordPress release a new client that build with NodeJS and React call Calypso. It creates quite a lot of buzz and confusion to the users. Basically, WordPress still stay with PHP & Mysql, this is just another thin client that build in front of WordPress. It seems like WordPress might be slowly become just that Core API.


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