My views 201547

The series continue for 2015 Week 47. This will be going to talk about some of Mac / Web / Dev news happen last week. These are what I am reading daily, pick up the exciting news and added my opinion.

MacHeist is back with another bundle sale; it should be end by the time this post published. Nope Macheist doesn’t excite me anymore, I used to be one of their biggest fans, bought every series, except the very first bundle ( don’t think I m Mac user that time ).

Strikingly launch Simple Store services. If you have few products to sell, I highly recommend using Strikingly, it’s simple and easy to use with some very nice looking templates, the backend for order management is simple and clean too. The only con side will be it doesn’t support the recurring charge.

MainWP release Bulk Setting Manager, I think this is one of the brilliant extension, it allow you to copy settings among sites, let say you have some security setting on one of your plugins, you can just replicate to others sites that using the same plugins. One of the use cases will be replicate the free iTheme Security plugin among sites.

Orion by Managewp is official release to their existing customer, here is the full list of FAQ. I using it for all the WordPress site I maintaining now and I love it. I wish the API release soon to have more customization.

If you are using Wave for your small business accounting purpose, Wave 2 is going to release soon. Personally I use it for a short while but I find it slow. Hopefully, the new version can fix this issue.

Ionic is cool to develop native iOS app by using html5 and they just release the new Ionic Creator, which allow you to drag and drop to build an app. I try to build up a prototype app by using the ionic framework before, it can easily do within a few hour.I wonder with this new creator, will it be the game changer for them?

Envato seems like going to release a new product call “Envato Site“, it seems like another site builder. But think about the resources they have from the marketplace, it might be going to be next big thing.

Lastly the new release for today, if you are a PHP developer trying to pick up the server skill, you should get the “Deploy! Servers for Hacker

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