My View 201603

This series is for 2016 Week 03.

The Market launched, yet another market place, it seems like a direct competitor of Creative Market, the interesting part is a product of the Designer News community, I wonder how are they going to leverage on the community?

Fortrabbit published an interesting article about the current situation of Paas ( Platform as a service ). Basically, 2015 is not a good year for Paas, lots of vendor either pivot or closed down. Docker and cheap VPS might be the main reason prevent Paas to growth.

Trello is launching their platform as well; it seem everyone is trying to do their platform, wonder will all these platforms going to kill service like Zapier & IFTTT? Maybe build an integration service that links the API with these platforms will be a good product idea.

MainWP, one of the self-hosted managed WordPress plugin launch the version 3, compare to the other self-hosted competitor InfiniteWP, it seems like MainWP is gaining more support and have better roadmap ahead.

Linode is having a bad start this year, not only hit badly by DDOS, it seems like there is security issue again. The worst part is it seem like the outbreak already happens for some time and it might link to WP Engine security breach last time.

I think my next VPS going to be on Digital Ocean.

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