My View 201604

This series is for 2016 Week 04.

Woocommerce, one of the popular WordPress e-commerce plugin just release a major upgrade version 2.5, this release aims to make Woocommerce faster. They move the session handle out from wp_option will speed out the database performance, update today if you still struggle with Woocommerce performance.

Parse from Facebook is closing done, lots of users should be busy migrate now, not a good time for developers that using Parse for their backend. These are the five best alternatives if you haven’t found a good one to replace Parse.

After five years, Day one is going to launch version 2, is going to be 50% off for the launch to let existing user upgrade, I think this is one software that worth the support. I have been using it for the past few years like a private diary.

If you were using VMware I guess is time to move on? An interesting post about VMware goes viral recently.

Macaw, one of the interesting web editor for Mac has joined Invision. Maybe we will see Macaw Integrate Invision version of web editor soon?

Laravel Guru has pushed out version 2.0, is an enhance version of the original Laravel Guru, which allow users to find Laravel developer base on locations. For my listing there, I did get 2~3 enquiry last year. You should submit your listing if you are looking for Laravel related projects.

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