My View 201550

The series continue for 2015 Week 50. This will be going to talk about some of Mac / Web / Dev news happen last week. These are what I am reading daily, pick up the exciting news and added my opinion.

Finally after the long wait, PHP 7 is finally released, it’s been a while since the major release. You can find out more why PHP skip the version 6.

Since the new PHP 7 release, you might need to find a reliable hosting that support it. I recommend Webfaction as “hosting for developer” before and they are the first few that start to support PHP 7.You just need to create a new PHP 7 static application, copy all the files over and modify the website setting again.

If you struggle or thinking of getting SSL for your site, Let’s Encrypt has entered beta. Yes, they going to provide SSL cert for free. I wonder how is this going to impact the traditional SSL giant. Will there be different for the e-commerce site that using this free SSL compare to purchasing an SSL cert? The main thing will be warranty payback, don’t think a free SSL is going to promise you anything on warranty.

Why is SSL even required for a typical site that don’t deal with payment gateway/transaction? Because Google is going to give priority ranking if your content is on the HTTPS, so if you are working on a content site / media site that rely on Google, pay for the SSL cert today or get the free one from Let’s Encrypt.

Laravel Forge improved again by adding support for both PHP 7 and Let’s Encrypt. Now I wish they can add in some more security related setting or integration.

Sketch, one of the popular design app on Mac decide to move out from Mac App Store, this raises tons of questions again why the Mac App Store is so poorly design. For me the major problem is the no upgrade price when major release you either do a short period promo for the old customer or just totally ignore it. When buying direct from the Vendor, we often get the promotion price as the reward for being the loyal customer.

Dropbox sunset both Mailbox and Carousel, this is upset once the big one acquired the startup and sunset their product, this reminds me about Sunrise calendar app. I still remember the old time to queue for the Mailbox beta. In case you need to find a replacement for Mailbox, there are plenty on Producthunt

MainWP, the self-hosted WordPress maintenance plugin has the biggest change in their pricing, they are moving from extension pricing to a subscription based model and once off lifetime bundle. The good news is if you bought their extension before, every dollar could be included as part of the discount for the lifetime bundle. I guess that’s kind of reward to the early adopter.

If you are using Wix to build your website, you might be having problems with Google recently. It seems like Google de-index sites that build on Wix. The solution is sit down relax and wait for Google to fix it.

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