Rework Labs Report November 2015

November is good. I mention before since October I m start to get back on the track, and this has been continuing in November. The only thing that miss out is launching the productize service. I think I m going to put aside first and clear the jobs on hands, those are the one generate income that should be having priority first.

I still have some down time during November, but few day later excited myself with some new product idea. I guess the idea to build some product is what currently motivate me, but so far there is no result yet.

So what happen this month?

Freelance – Project XM launched, doing lots of enhancement after the launch, going to focus on documentation next. Project IAMA started, going to build a portfolio based service on WordPress.

Enquiry – Getting enquiry for building MVP and Woocommerce site, maybe setup a dev shop that is mainly using WordPress to build MVP for clients might be a good idea? One of the pervious enquiry quotation has been confirming and another one is at quotation stage.

Business – One of my maintenance project has been hostile takeover by some kid, take it as an experience.

Internal – Cutting down some of the business expense and consolidate all the server. Busy with all the Black Friday promo while doing planning for next year.


  • I have started a series of Just My Views on the weekly basis.
  • Try out the new Asana but I prefer the old version colour scheme.
  • Try out the new Basecamp but so far so good, might need a team to experience the diff.
  • Didn’t renew OptinMonster, which I bought during last year Black Friday, never use it at all for the past one year. Wasted.

I m doing some planning for next year. Currently, I was planning not to accept any more freelance work and focus on product development. It’s going to be big decision and might have a tremendous impact on my cash flow which is why I m still carefully consider. Hopefully, I have a clearer direction by end of the year.

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