Freelancer Report May

It seem like I will repeat this series of post every 4th of month. The past one month is really a busy month , I have some new project which I never do before, lots of time has been spent on research and fighting with CSS ( my weakness ) , but I will say it is really worth it.

May Summary Report :

Income – It’s only about $1k for this month , which is only 50% of last month income, but this is due to some work is on the final stage and waiting for customer review , that’s why some final payment is still pending.

Project – I  been working on a html5 mobile site & doing some site enhancement, upcoming project will be a demo site for online booking and revamp a system that I build last year.

Learn –  I have learned a lot on mobile site development, example viewable size on iPhone and iPad , JavaScript touch event , scrolling problem on iPhone , the most html5 part of the mobile site is the contact form , but safari don’t support html5 form validation, which giving me some hard time. For the other project , I need to deal with counchdb & multiple file upload, which is quite interesting too.

Network – It seem like the company site I put on really work , got one contact coming through the site.

Startup – I have invested almost 50% of May income for Appcelerator on the indie package, hopefully soon will submit some project to the App Store.

So what’s next ?

It seem like I only completed  one goal  which is learn new thing, I think I need to improve my productivity to meet my goals. Let’s try something different for the next 2 month.

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