Freelance Report July 2013

Another late post for the monthly report , it’s almost end of Aug then I post about what happen on July, hopefully I will be on time next month.

So what happen on July ?

Freelance – kickstart the first Laravel 4 project this year and working on a first e-commerce site on WordPress.

Enquiry & Deal – One of the major project has confirm and kickstarted , One of the previous month enquiry is on narrow down the detail work scope and another 2 enquiry incoming.

Learn – Laravel 4, first project that work with other developer , so make use of Github and hipchat together.

Project – kick-start the discussion for a local directory listing project, self-improvement project – 22 something

basically by trying up the self-improvement project is going to cost myself more time, but I think that is something necessary , I don’t want to spend all time on client’s project and in the end I didn’t learn more or do more things that bring more value to myself. If you are freelancer just setup some personal improvement goal for your self also rather than just keep chasing for more customer and more revenue, it will benefit yourself in the long run.

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