Daux.io for WardrobeCMS

WardrobeCMS is a minimal blogging script that build on top of Laravel, Daux.io is one of the latest documentation generator that base on markdown static file, What we get if we combine this 2 ?

I have just convert the Daux.io into one of the theme for WardrobeCMS , which mean in stead of create a static markdown file to power the documentation site, you can just make use of the WardrobeCMS backend to write your documentation, please to meet Wardrobe Daux Theme. I was nearly to convert it into a WordPress plugin , actually I have done some of the initial code for it , but I was thinking, in stead of keep working on WordPress plugin, why not I convert it to a theme for some other CMS ? Oh what about my favourite framework based CMS ?

Some of the changes I did

  • added a few more configuration.
  • using WardrobeCMS tagging feature to replace Daux.io folder idea, original Daux.io using folder as categories.

Some of the challenges I have

  • Original I was thinking using a post content to power the homepage, but it seem like there is no way to grab 1 content through the function, so I just use a static content page to replace it.
  • There are some css tweak required , example for code it should float at the left, but it seem like there are some html tag missing for WardrobeCMS, which causing the code didn’t float to left.

I have release Wardrobe Daux Theme on Github, hopefully it will help some body who are looking to use WardrobeCMS as documentation generator.

Wardrobe-Daux-Theme -Daux

This is part of the 22 something – Week32 – build something.


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