22 Something

So I have this plan code name “22 Something” which going to push myself to do something for the next 22 week.

  • build something weekly.
  • read something bi weekly.
  • learn something bi weekly.
  • launch something every 6 week.

It might be a bit funny to do this now since I already have tight schedule for my freelance work but in order to avoid become a mindless working machine and in order to train myself, I have come up this plan.

Building something weekly – build anything every week, it can be as small as some API modification , a WordPress plugin or some simple script that perform one single feature, this should be able to train my mind to always pop some mashup which can be build within short time.

Read something bi weekly – be it an e-book or physical Book , read something every 2 week, this force me to consume all my reading material rather than just leave it at one corner after I bought it.

Learn something bi weekly – learn new thing, be it a new CSS frame-work or a new jQuery plugin , I want to force myself spend sometime to learn new thing rather than always wait until related project appear.

Launch something every 6 week – I want to ship something, other than just learning, there are a few idea in mind and I planning to launch it..

Of course lastly in order to record down all these I must be blog something, I expect more than 50 post before end of the year.

Wish me luck and hopefully I can done all these “something” within 90% !


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