My 3 expiring domain

Just saw a reminder email from my domain registrar, i have 3 domain that going to expire soon. (27-Oct-2005) – few year ago i using this domain to build a chinese blog aggregator for malaysia chinese blogger and the site even feature in newspaper/magazine too, but after that due to a lot of reason i didn’t continue it. (27-Oct-2005) – another domain that i didn’t use for few year, i start a web2.0 blog on it for some time, but realiaze it seem like duplicate of my own blog, in the end close it. (29-Oct-2004) – my blog domain after i move out from some subdomain, it’s been redirect to my current domain for one year already.

there are a lot of memory on these domain, but nope i not going to renew it, not only the domain price hike, i have too many domain on hand, i would like to focus those domain which have better potential to growth something.

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