Laravel: Code Bright

I been using Laravel  since version 3,  I bought the Laravel: Code Happy when I start one of my bigger Laravel project , it help me to learn more about Laravel,which explain why when Laravel 4 release , I bought Laravel: Code Bright immediately.

If you compare to some of the e-book , Laravel: Code Bright might seem a little bit more expensive, but I think is really worth it , the book are still on going, you receive a new chapter every few week , but so far I learn some  of the best practice and useful tips from it , you might not even found it from the documentation, unless you been crawling on the source code. For example :

  1. You can use toSql function in order to check SQL query.
  2. There is chain method where allow you to search for some record and update it in one line.
  3. You can assign a collection to a variable then get the first record from it.

If you are new to the Laravel , I m highly recommend this book to you , if might be a bit weird since the book have some geek humor which might not really impress everyone but I think you can tell the author is trying hard to make a the book more interesting by using all those example.


This is part of 22 something , Week 32 read something

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