Upgraded GetSpot

Getspot is one of my first topic focus blog, which i started to discuss/listing about some of the web2.0 product , while i doing mass upgrade for all my project, Getspot is getting a new look too.

i did struggle to choose a themes for Getspot , i was thinking to give it a web2.0 look, so i try to search some rounded corner/ feature rich themes , Squible is nearly my choice but i having some magierss problem with it , durable is quite good as a web2.0 blog themes too, but i dislike its colors feature, then i found Qwilm! , i even combine its v2 ajax feature to its v3 version and widget it.

Yesterday when i just about to start the upgrade, i accidently saw fUnique and the next moment i see the testrun, i have decided to use this for Getspot

so it turn from a very boring color theme
Getspot - Old

to this new fresh look
Getspot New Look

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